We have the potential to get pretty personal around here, so if you'd like to, please introduce yourself in the comments.

A little about me: I'm a sub through and through (I think...) and I've known I've been submissive since before I knew anything else about what I wanted out of personal sometimes-sexual relationships. For the most part, I've done a lot of play as a pain slut but hadn't been in any long-term D/s relationship until I met my now fiance. He doesn't have any experience outside of what I've dragged him into, but he's kind of a natural (and he's learning — we research a lot together). My current journey has a lot to do with exploring the emotional aspects of being submissive for someone you love and getting to fall asleep in his arms every night, which is as new a territory for me as it is for him. We're not 24/7, but I have a couple little service tasks that I do for him every day (coffee, tying and untying his boots) and we have fairly regular play sessions.

My super favorite things are spanking and caning. Did I mention pain slut?

What about you?